Global Markets - Sectors Review December 10, 2018

Cerundolo Investment Research    

Global Update  

Volume 1, Issue 12
December 10, 2018


In this Global Sector Matrix Report, we intend to identify which sectors are displaying strong to weak behavior based on our multi-factor ranking model. We further determine if both U.S. vs. International sectors are acting in synch or a divergence is taking place. This process will help portfolio managers stay focused on sectors that have bullish absolute and relative trend structure and avoid the weak areas with a 3+ month timeframe. The matrix is also a spring board from which we publish a deep dive sector report when we see important changes taking place. As you will see in some of the individual sector charts starting on page 5, the model score can remain in either a bullish or bearish mode for a number of years.

We also provide individual equity ideas that we like and dislike from their corresponding sector etf, both domestic and international. These can provide fresh ideas or help navigate current holdings in a portfolio. As a reminder to clients, our strength comes from obtaining a full holdings list and providing guidance based on our model rankings of those components. This is what drives our research offering. Please feel free to reach out on feedback with this report or assistance with model scores on your holdings.

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