Cerundolo Research seeks to capture positive returns from global stocks regardless of market direction by highlighting the most attractive names while avoiding the most unattractive securities utilizing a systematic investment approach. The strategy is driven primarily by combining three core group factors.  Cerundolo Research operates with an investment philosophy that has been cultivated and honed over the past of Guy's three-decade career. The strategy is driven primarily by combining three core group factors; namely

  1. Behavior bottom-up price
  2. Money flows
  3. Non-price momentum

Throughout Guy's career in the investment management industry, he has covered global asset markets for some of the world’s most respected firms including Fidelity Investments and Wellington Management Company. Guy thrives in environments where he can gather complex data from multiple sources to generate insights and ideas that drive investment outcomes for his clients.

With strong analytical skills, he digs deep to identify short, intermediate, and long-term investment recommendations that mitigate risk and maximize return. His unique approach to developing custom indicators and indices has led Guy to deliver a flexible model that reflects true market performance.

Some highlights of his career achievements are as follows:

  • Funded 2 high-performing portfolios.
  • Achieved long-only +6.3% excess return annualized over 5 years.
  • Generated market neutral +15.8% excess return over an 8-year period.
  • Managed multi-million dollar portfolios, long-funds, and hedge funds.