Research Offering

publication date: Dec 6, 2017

Cerundolo Research provides technical perspectives on various regions, markets and asset classes.  Because of the diverse coverage, we offer ala carte research packages to fit the needs of the buyside clients.

  • Regional/Asset Class Coverage:  - Regional, Commodity and Currency reports are periodic updates to highlight items that are changing or confirming current trends, look at broad indices, or focus strictly on an asset class, sector, or industry. Reports can also highlight buy and short ideas on individual instruments.  Cerundolo Research starts with an initial summary of significant points of interest and further provide charts to bring a detailed view of these actionable ideas.  Areas of interest include:

  • Special Reports (included in any subscription if topic relates to market/asset class interest)

Technical Tuesday - This weekly report was sought after while Guy worked at a large institution.  Primarily used as an all encompassing research piece to keep readers abreast of current "calls" and how they are playing out.  It is an institutional "play book" providing specific target prices to buy into or take profits.  The topics are wide ranging from country, commodities and currencies.  A basket of ideas for traders, analysts, and portfolio managers.  Hedge Funds and Institutions bring this piece into their strategic meetings to assist them navigating the markets.

CIR Alerts! Markets move.  Volatility spikes.  Cerundolo Research is there to provide stern advice and confidence during hectic times.

  • Packaged and Consulting
    • International Package (includes European, Asian, Emerging)
    • Portfolio Reviews/Custom Holding Reports - Based on the methodology utilized by Cerundolo Research, we can provide interactive spreadsheets that allow clients to review custom equity listing for quick quantitative ranking of strong and weak stocks.