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The Long & Short Of It - Short VLO and PSX 11/08/18 The Long & Short Of It - Short VLO and PSX US Thematic
The Long & Short Of It - 1 pair trade and 3 short ideas 11/08/18 Today we are highlighting the following pair trade: Long Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Short Boeing (BA). The main driver for the ideas is the strong multi-factor model score of BA vs. LMT as well as the small base pattern of BA. US Thematic
Technical Tuesday 110618 11/06/18 The U.S. indices had a good bounce last week, but not enough to change the overall outlook which remains cautious. The S&P 500 had a 5% rally off the MFU-4 target based on the daily timeframe, but all it has really done is to rally into a zone of resistance. The intermediate-term momentum measures remain weak. We continue to see more weakness in Growth relative to Value. Technical Tuesday
Pair Trade Idea - Long DIS Short NFLX 11/05/18 Pair Trade Idea - Long DIS Short NFLX US Thematic
Thoughts on AMZN and AAPL 11/05/18 Not to late to reduce exposure in both names. US
Shorting Dec. Nasdaq 100 10/31/18 Taking a shot at shorting the Nasdaq 100 here with a stop of 7050. US
Technical Tuesday 102918 10/29/18 Crude looks good for a long trade for a tactical trader. Gold remains in a favorable position. Technical Tuesday
Highlighting Short Zone for S&P 10/26/18 If we close on the low today, Monday will likely be very ugly. US
Technical Tuesday 102518 10/25/18 Of particular note is the negative money flow units that are underway for the U.S. market. Most of the downside targets are coming in at -15% to - 20% from this years highs. The European markets remain very weak as does the Hang Seng and China. The Nikkei has developed a negative money flow unit this week. Technical Tuesday
Updated Chart on Nasdaq 100 Short 10/25/18 The Nasdaq 100 is down 187 points from the MFU-3 target of 7077.  We would remain short. US
Short zone for Nasdaq 100 10/25/18 The Nasdaq 100 has rallied up to a MFU-3 target of 7077 and a tactical zone to put a short on.  Stop 1090 US
Nasdaq 100 at a critical level 10/24/18 The Nasdaq 100 is back down to a critical level at the MFU-3 target area of 6930. Typically, we would see a rally from this zone with a retest which we are now getting. US
Commodities Gold 10/18/18 With gold clearing the 1223 level we have highlighted in recent reports, we feel it is on its way to the MFU-2 target of 1265. Commodities
Technical Tuesday 101718 10/17/18 The S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, Russell 2000, MDY and Dow Transports have all reversed from areas of support.  Ideally, we would like to see any pullback create a higher low which would setup a bullish move higher into year end. Technical Tuesday
Buy ideas within the S&P Core Value Index 10/16/18 We spent quite a bit of time ranking, screening and then reviewing all 673 constituents of the S&P Core Value index. In so doing, we have come up with 60 stocks that have held up well on an absolute, and more importantly on a relative basis. US
Commodities Copper 10/15/18 Following up on our October 9th note on Copper, we see momentum continuing to build and another 4% upside from here. Commodities
US Markets - SPX Update 10/12/18 The S&P found "a low" at the MFU-3 target generated on teh daily timeframe, as well as the "Ellipse" turning point indicator. US
European Markets - Thoughts iShares Europe ETF (IEV) 10/11/2018 If price were to achieve the downside target at $36.50, this would be a -28% decline from the January high. The decline from the 2014 high to the 2016 low was -32%. We strongly feel there is more downside and would avoid trying to pick a bottom at this point. European Markets
Commodities Gold 10/10/2018 Gold is close to breaking out of the multi-month base we have been monitoring. Commodities
Technical Tuesday 100918 10/10/2018 Momentum has weakened considerably for the Nasdaq Composite, Russell 2000 and teh Mid-Cap index, (MDY). Each of these indices are at their intermediate to long-term channel support areas. The S&P 500 has held up much better. Technical Tuesday
Commodities Copper 10/09/2018 Yesterday's pullback in copper held at support and the "Ellipse" turning point indicator. This looks like a good spot for a long trade to 2.95, 5% higher from here. Use yesterday's low for a stop. Commodities
US Markets -TLT 10/09/2018 The TLT is down to a MFU-4 tarrget of 112.59 and the lower end of the regression trend channel. We would cover shorts here and look to put back on at some point. US
US Markets -SMH 10/09/2018 We are looking for a short-term rally in the SMH from here. For clients that are short the SMH or individual semiconductor stocks, we suggest covering here and look to reposition at a later date. A number of stocks, as well as the SMH, is in oversold territory. US
US Markets -GE 10/08/2018 Last month GE pulled back to the top of a Make or Break (MOB) support band and held. Currently, we have a bullish Money Flow Unit (MFU) that has developed on the daily chart with initial targets of $17 and $18.75. This is a long-term bullish call on GE and we would expect some backing and filling as the stock approaches its 200-day average $14.13. US
Emerging Markets - India Update 10/05/2018 The Nifty 50 is down 13% from our first cautionary note of August 17 adn at the midpoint of its regression trend channel as well as a MOB support band. Hold off adding exposure. Emerging Markets
US Markets -TNX Update 10/03/2018 The 10 Yr has cleared the MFU-4 target of 3.03 on a weekly basis and now is set to advance to the MFU-5 level of 3.46. US
Technical Tuesday 100218 10/02/2018 Spain’s IBEX remains in a strong well defined downtrend and Italy’s FTSE MIB remains very vulnerable to a significant leg lower as momentum continues to weaken. Technical Tuesday
US Markets - LC Long Ideas 10/01/2018 In reviewing our watch lists over the weekend, we came across the following six stocks that have or are forming large base patterns with improving relative performance vs. the All Country World Index (ACWI): TGT, UTX, MRK, AMGN, NCLH & CVS. US
Technical Tuesday 092518 09/25/2018 WTI Crude Oil remains on target for a move into the $75—$77 area. Nat Gas have finally rallied above a key area where the odds are high for another leg up. Technical Tuesday
Commodities Oil 09/24/2018 Current thoughts on Crude, the (XLE) - Energy Select SPDR and the (IXC) - iShares Global Energy ETFs are below. Crude continues to look bullish, but most of the energy stocks need more work to get going. Commodities US
Asian Markets - Japan Long Ideas 09/19/2018 As mentioned in recent Technical Tuesday reports, we felt that the Nikkei had been holding up very well and likely to “retest the January highs.” The momentum of the last few days as the index reversed strongly from trend support not only suggests we will see a retest of the recent highs, but the odds are there that we may likely see those highs surpassed and the MFU-4 target exceeded in a meaningful way. Asian Markets
Asian Markets - Update - Shanghai 09/18/2018 For a number of months, we have been cautious the China Shanghai Composite Index and have highlighted its initial Money Flow Unit-2 (MFU-2) target area of 2600. The index is just 1.5% shy of that level, and we want to point out that the MFU-2 target typically results in a strong counter-trend move and, in this case, the odds are there for a short-term rally. Asian Markets
Asian Markets - Update - Nikkei 09/18/2018 We note below the favorable configuration of the Nikkei along with improving bullish momentum. In our global industrials piece sent out yesterday, we included a handful of Japanese stocks that rank well in our model, and we will be doing a complete review this week. Asian Markets
Global Markets - Industrials Update 09/17/2018 In this report, we are reviewing Global Industrials which we highlighted last week in our Technical Tuesday report as a sector which has been improving in our model score in recent months.  We have ranked and reviewed the components of the of both the Industrial Select Sector SPDR (XLI) and the iShares Global Industrials ETF (EXI) from which we have 30 U.S and 26 Non-U.S. long ideas. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 091118 09/11/2018 Crude continues to look positive while gold has no clear signs yet of a turn. Technical Tuesday
Asian Markets - Update - Topix Index - 090518 09/5/2018 The internals of the Japan market have been getting weaker after the Nikkei hit our long-term target of 24500. Asian Markets
Technical Tuesday 090418 09/04/2018 No distributive tops in place for the U.S. indices, but we continue to feel that the major European markets are positioned for further weakness. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 082818 08/28/2018 In EM, China's Shanghai Composite is due for a pause as it has achieved our initial target. Technical Tuesday
Asian Markets - Japan Long Ideas - August 27, 2018 08/27/2018 The recent pullback in the Nikkei held trend support in the 22000 area and has turned back up. We believe there is a very good probability of a retest of the January highs in the 24500 area and here we highlight 20 top ranked stocks to consider on the long side. Asian Markets
Technical Tuesday 081718 08/17/2018 We remain cautious European markets with downside momentum picking up. Spain's IBEX is testing critical support which we believe will not hold. Technical Tuesday
Thematic - Short RBS 08/14/2018 We are going short RBS today with an initial downside target of -15% and a potential target of -35%. Thematic
Technical Tuesday 080718 08/07/2018 Both the Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000 have rallied from areas of support last outlined last week, and have a bit more to go before they encounter resistance. Technical Tuesday
US Markets - Retail Long Ideas 08/07/2018 Consumer Discretionary continues to score very favorably with our multi-factor model, and in today's report, we are highlighting the Retail SPDR ETF, (XRT).  US
Technical Tuesday 073118 07/31/2018 The CAC, DAX and Spain’s IBEX are all back up to areas of resistance.  We remain cautious the European markets. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 072418 07/24/2018 Although the uptrend in the Nasdaq Composite and Russell 2000 remains intact, both indices have stalled at the upper end of their intermediate-term channel.  The Dow Transports continue to find resistance in the 10900 area and look poised to pullback short-term. Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Sector Review 07/23/2018 In this Global Sector Matrix Report, we intend to identify which sectors are displaying strong to weak behavior based on our multi-factor ranking model.  US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 071718 07/17/2018 We created an equal weighted index of the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Biotech groups which looks very bullish. We highlighted a number of long ideas in yesterday Global Health Care report. Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Health Care Update 07/16/2018 In this report, we are reviewing the Global Health Care sector using the (XLV) for the U.S. coverage and the iShares (IXJ) for a global list of companies. This is a follow-up to our May 16th Global Healthcare Report where we highlight a deterioration in the overall score for the sector as represented by both ETF’s. Since then, there has been a significant improvement in the sector scores which is primarily due to the strong absolute and relative advance in recent weeks. The score for the XLV has gone from -4.4 to now +5.65 and the IXJ has gone from -1.6 to 4.25. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 071018 07/10/2018 Both the MDY and Russell 2000 continue to be the stronger segments of the market, but the RUT is now at the upper end of it 2 1/2 yr. channel which is resistance. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 070318 07/03/2018 The Nasdaq Composite continues to stall at our long-term target area, and momentum continues to weaken. The Semiconductor ETF - SMH has been carving out a top pattern for a number of months as it trades around our target of $102. It has just started to break a 2-year uptrend and the monthly MACD - momentum indicator has crossed. We would be reducing exposure. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 061918 06/19/2018 The U.S. Dollar is gaining upside momentum and we are on alert for a break higher. The GBP remains vulnerable to more weakness from here. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 061218 06/12/2018 Some observations since our prior report: The Nasdaq Composite maintains its long-term trend but has yet to have a weekly close above 7700. The U.S. Dollar and Euro are at important inflection points while the GBP is expected to continue lower. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 060518 06/05/2018 The Nasdaq Composite is once again testing its long-term target area of 7700 and we are monitoring this level for a potential breakout or reversal. What we don’t have in most of the U.S. market indices is the distributive tops as we have in Europe and EM. Brazil continues to deteriorate, and we feel our downside targets will be achieved in the weeks to come. WTI Crude Oil and Gold have held support on the recent pullback and we would be a buyer of both right here. Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Energy Long Ideas 05/09/2018 We highlight 12 energy long ideas that we feel are worthy of consideration. We have been on the long side of this call sic the spring of 2016 and since then, more equities have continued to screen well in our work and we are only in the 4th or 5th inning of this run. Please see the attached document with an overview of WTI Crude Oil, the XOP and 12 long ideas. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 052918 05/29/2018 The European markets are the “canary in the coal mine” as we are starting to see reversals take hold. Spain’s IBEX which we have been cautious on for months is leading the downside. Crude has been volatile in recent days but has not changed its intermediate uptrend. Gold has held into support and looks poised to move higher. We would be buying gold right here. Technical Tuesday
ALERT! - Pairs Trade - Long MSFT Short AAPL 05/22/2018 Idea for hedge fund PM's - Long MSFT and Short AAPL Alert! US
Technical Tuesday 052218 05/22/2018 In reviewing a number of the U.S. indices, we continue to find a number of them have modestly moved higher and into areas of resistance. The Russell 2000, which has been the stronger area of the market, has broken above the January highs, but we need to see follow through and not reverse as it did in June of 2015. Gold is at support and in a zone for a rally to start. Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Health Care Update 05/16/2018 In this report, we are reviewing the Global Health Care sector using the iShares (IXJ) ETF and comparing it with the U.S. Health Care Select Sector ETF (XLV). The main goal of this exercise is to compare what is happening in the U.S. to the rest of the world. Global ETFs have a limited universe so we found the iShares Sector ETF’s by BlackRock provide decent coverage across regions.   We are highlighting Health Care as our work is showing an improvement in our model score for Non-U.S. companies and a sizable deterioration for the U.S. stocks. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Global Markets - Energy Long Ideas 05/09/2018 We are on the road today but wanted to provide an update on a number of energy stocks that rank well, and we believe you should consider on the long side. In the attached pdf we provide a ranking of 23 stocks, both U.S. and Non-U.S. longs. We have also provided an updated chart of WTI Crude Oil which was sent out yesterday in our weekly Technical Tuesday. Commodities US
Technical Tuesday 050818 05/08/2018 China’s Shanghai Composite, the Kospi 100 and Brazil’s Ibovespa are gaining downside momentum, with the big worry being the Shanghai. No change in our outlook on WTI Crude Oil as we remain on target for the $75 - $77 area.
Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 050118 05/01/2018 As we go through and review the U.S. indices, we continue to feel that a cautious stance is warranted. The Nasdaq Composite had a reversal on Friday at an area of resistance making a lower high. The S&P 500, MDY and Russell 2000 have backed off from areas of resistance, and we expect lower prices in the weeks ahead. Technical Tuesday
Currency Update 042518 04/03/2018 This is a quick update on the U.S. 10 Yr. Yld. which today hit our long-term target of 3.03%. This target was generated off the 2016 base, 18 months ago, and this is a zone for a potential turn down. Given the fact that momentum in the recent weeks has been strong, there is a chance for an extended move to 342% if we were to see a weekly close above 3.06%. At this point, we are comfortable taking the long call off and will wait to see if the market brings us back in for another leg higher. Currency
Technical Tuesday 042418 04/24/2018 A number of U.S. indices have reversed from areas of resistance with accelerating downside momentum. The Nasdaq Composite continues to be troubling to us as it has labored under the January and March highs and appears to be making a distributive top. We remain cautious with most of the major European indices and Italy’s FTSE MIB, which has been very resilient is now testing the 2015 highs. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei has reversed nicely from support, and we see near-term strength there, but China’s Shanghai Composite continues to look very vulnerable from here Technical Tuesday
Currency Update 042018 04/20/2018 The DXY is into resistance at the MFU-3 target of 90 and within the context of the downward sloping regression trend channel. The initial pause area is at 87.50 and a weekly close below that level opens the downside to 85. Currency
ALERT! - SMH Update 04/20/2018 We have been writing for a number of months highlighting an important target area of $102 for the SMH. After achieving that target, the SMH has been in a distribution phase and losing upside momentum. A daily Money Flow Unit (MFU) formed on March 22 with targets at $95 and then $89. There is a strong possibility that the daily MFU will roll up to the weekly time frame which will give lower targets. For now, we believe a top is in and would recommend reducing exposure in this group. Alert! US
Commodities Oil 04/18/2018 In our March 20 Technical Tuesday Report we noted that we had our reentry signal to get long Crude Oil and that we would add on a weekly close above $67. We did have a marginal close above that level last Friday, and with upside momentum gaining strength, we should see price firmly above $67 in the days to come. Our next target area is $75 - $77, and we would be adding to names in this space.   Attached please find the updated chart of WTI-Crude Oil along with four timely buys in the U.S. and four that are Non-U.S. For a larger list of long ideas we refer you to the report sent out on April 10. If you would like that report re-sent, please let us know. Commodities US
Technical Tuesday 041718 04/17/2018 A number of U.S. indices have bounced off of initial support areas on an intermediate-term time frame, but the short-term daily timeframe would indicate we are not out of the woods just yet. In Europe, we remain cautious especially for Spain as the IBEX looks very vulnerable to further weakness. Japan’s Nikkei is at a key juncture as it tests important support and China’s Shanghai Composite looks very vulnerable from here.
In commodities, we remain favorable towards crude oil and gold. The U.S. dollar looks poised for further weakness, and we remain favorable towards the Euro and GBP.
Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Energy Long Ideas 04/10/2018 As we are traveling this week and unable to get out the Technical Tuesday piece, we did want to make an effort to give an update to our long Crude call on March 20. Crude has inflected positively, and we are looking for a weekly close above $67 for the next leg up to start with a target of $75 - $77.    US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Global Markets - Industrials Longs and Sells 04/10/2018 In this report, we highlight the current ranking of the 11 global sectors using the iShares ETF’s. These sectors are ranked based on their absolute and relative trends, to the All Country World Index (ACWI), as well as momentum of those trends. We reviewed the iShares Global Industrials Sector ETF (EXI) which is comprised of 197 companies with the following regional and industry group breakdown. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Currency Update 040318 04/03/2018 We have a buy signal in the 10 Year yield as the “Ellipse – inflection point indicator” triggered at yesterday's low which, coincided with the lower end of the regression channel. Our target of 3.03%, which was generated off the 2016 low, remains intact. Currency
Technical Tuesday 040318 04/03/2018 In commodities, we remain favorable towards crude oil and gold. The U.S. dollar had been in a tight trading range for a number of weeks, but the overall downward sloping channel remains firmly in place. We like the Euro and the GBP. Technical Tuesday
Technical Tuesday 032718 03/27/2018 Downside momentum continues to build, and we have the CAC and DAX breaking below their initial Money Flow Unit (MFU) targets and poised for another leg lower.  Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - Energy Long Ideas 03/22/2018 We put out a buy on Crude Oil in this weeks Technical Tuesday piece with the chart below outlining what we see. Yesterday's follow through with strong momentum suggests that WTI will clear the recent high in the $67 area. A weekly close above that level will open the upside the mid $70’s target. US Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 032018 03/20/2018 We continue to reiterate our cautious stance on the European equity markets. Some of U.S. equity indices are in zones that we expect to fail from and start the testing process off the February lows. We got our buy signal in crude oil that we have been waiting for. Technical Tuesday
Currency Update 031518 03/15/2018 The U.S. Dollar index, DXY, remains in a well defined down trend with the opposite being true for the Euro and GBP. After pulling back from the MFU-2 target of 1.30, the CAD looks ready for another leg up. Currency
Global Markets - Tech Top and Bottom 20 03/13/2018 In this report, we review the iShares Global Technology Sector ETF which is comprised of 116 companies. We highlight the top 20 ranked stocks using 5 year weekly logarithmic charts relative to the All Country World Index (ACWI).  We strongly feel that it is also important to highlight the bottom 20 ranked stocks as well.  Euro/Asian/Emerging
Technical Tuesday 030618 03/06/2018 Some of the European markets continue to worry us such as the CAC, DAX and Spain's IBEX which looks vulnerable to more weakness. In Asia, the Nikkei is holding support and we would continue to be cautious the Korean Kospi. No change in the currency markets as we remain bearish the U.S. dollar and see continues upside in the Euro. Technical Tuesday
European Markets - Major Markets Update 03/04/2018 The major European markets are on the verge of another leg down.  We strongly feel you should avoid adding to these markets at this point in time. European Markets
Asian Markets - Hang Seng Update 03/04/2018 We remain cautious on the Hang Seng. Asian Markets
ALERT! - Spain IBEX Update 03/02/2018 We first expressed our cautionary view of the IBEX in our February 6th Technical Tuesday report indicating that the index was breaking its monthly uptrend and that a bearish Money Flow Unit (MFU) had formed.  We strongly reiterate our cautionary view of this market. Alert! European Markets
ALERT! - Ibovespa Update 02/28/2018 Ibovespa at near-term resistance. Alert! Emerging
Technical Tuesday 022718 02/27/2018 Some of the European markets such as the CAC and DAX have had a feeble retracement off the low while Spain's IBEX looks vulnerable to more weakness. We are looking to get long crude once again and waiting for the right setup. The U.S. 10 yr. yield remains on target of 3.03% from here. Technical Tuesday
Global Markets - ACWI Top 48 02/21/2018 Please find a chart book of the top 48 Non-.U.S. ranked stocks of the All Country World Index (ACWI).  Each stock is ranked and displayed vs. the ACWI. Euro/Asian/Emerging
ALERT! - Spain IBEX Update 02/21/2018 IBEX continues to weaken. Alert! European Markets
ALERT! - US Indexes Update 02/20/2018 Please look at the charts of the S&P Emini futures contract, MDY and RUS 2000 Futures that have all been stalling at an important resistance area. Alert! US Markets
The Long and Short of It - February 20, 2018 02/20/2018 In this report, “The Long and Short of It” we review a large amount of short interest data released by the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges and compiled by Erlanger Research Co. Our focus is to further screen this data and look at those stocks that are classified as a “Type 1” short squeeze and “Type 4” long squeeze or shorts recommendation. US Markets
Pair Trade MU_XLNX 02/16/2018 Pair Trade Idea of Long MU and Short XLNX US Markets
US Markets - Growth 02/15/2018 We last wrote about the S&P 500 Growth ETF (IVW) on January 29th where we highlighted the "very extended nature of the index from its long-term average and where one should consider trimming extended names". The IVW peaked at the upper end of the channel we used in that report and declined 11% to undercut the lower end of that channel and eventually close above it. US Markets
Currency Update 02/15/2018 We note that the U.S. dollar weakness we have been writing about continues to gain downside momentum and we believe it has downside potential to 85. Included in the report we reiterate the upside target for the U.S. 10 yr. yield of 3.03%. Currency
Thematic - Metals Update 02/14/2018 Metal and mining ideas. Thematic US Markets
Technical Tuesday 021318 02/13/2018 There are a number of indices that have formed either daily or weekly “Bearish” Money Flow Units as well as going negative on our daily CRTrender model. Technical Tuesday
ALERT! - HYG Update 02/09/2018 Last November we sent out a caution note on the HYG as it broke hard below its 200 day average.  Downside momentum has been building and our suspicion is that it will break lower. Alert! US Markets
Emerging Markets - Bovespa Update 02/08/2018 The index has had a hard reversal from teh MFU-4 target area and has first support in the 78300 area. Emerging Markets
ALERT! - SPX Short 02/08/2018 We strongly advise NOT to buy this dip yet. A good buying opportunity will present itself in due time, and we believe we can help in that identification process. Alert! US Markets
ALERT! - AMZN and NFLX Short 02/08/2018 Both AMZN and NFLX are shorts given their proximity to a stop which is very tight for both. Alert! US Markets
ALERT! - SMH Short 02/07/2018 For those who can short the SMH, the reward to risk is good in here to do so. Stop at $103, targeting $93 - $94. Alert! US Markets
ALERT! - NASDAQ 100 Short Zone 02/06/2018 The Nasdaq 100 has quickly retracted 50% of the recent decline and in a zone for a short trade with a tight stop. The downside potential is into the 200 day average, 8% from here. Alert! US Markets
Technical Tuesday 020618 02/06/2018 Many of the MFU targets were generated off the 2009 low so an overshoot in targets can occur, but it was the Nasdaq Composite that led this bull leg higher and one of the last to just recently achieve its target and putting a cap in this bull leg. Technical Tuesday
ALERT! - Nikkei 225 Update 02/04/2018 We expect some near-term weakening into a confluence of support in the 21000 area. Alert! Asian Markets
ALERT! - NASDAQ Update 02/01/2018 NASDAQ Composite - We are cautious here.  Alert! US Markets
Technical Tuesday 013018 01/30/2018 Crude Oil got within spitting distance of our $67 target which was generated of the July 2016 low. The recent high was $66.66, close enough for us to move to a neutral position. Technical Tuesday
US Markets - Growth 01/29/2018 As mentioned in this report, the top-ranked stocks such as ADBE, NOC, NVDA, etc. continue to have very good absolute and relative trends in place, but wanted to highlight a basket of stocks that have good scores and would consider as buys. US Markets
Currency Update 01/24/2018 The U.S. Dollar index - DXY has achieved our 90 target, but we suspect the odds have increased for a stronger move lower. Currency
Technical Tuesday 012318 01/23/2018 Strong momentum has pushed a number of indices above their Money Flow Unit targets and areas of definable support such as the SPX, MDY, Nasdaq Comp., Russell 2000 and SMH. Technical Tuesday
Thematic - Biotech Update 01/22/2018 We last highlighted the biotech group on November 28 and had mentioned the fact that the intermediate-term uptrend of the XBI remained in place and that the momentum factors were positive. Thematic
Thematic - Casinos Update 01/19/2018 This report includes charts of: WYNN, LVS, Wynn Macau, Sands China Ltd., MLCO - NASD Stocks, Galaxy Ent. Thematic
Global Markets - Financials Update 01/18/2018 Here we reviewed the 191 constituents of the iShares Global Financials ETF and had found 78% of the stocks are in confirmed uptrends. Relative to the ACWI, we found 37% in an established uptrend, and we suspect, that number will increase in the weeks and months to come. US Markets Euro/Asian/Emerging
US Markets - Growth 01/16/2018 We wanted to take a look at the (IVW) - S&P 550 Growth ETF, the growth relative to value chart used in prior reports and a handful growth stocks that look like trims, not outright sales. US Markets
Currency Update 01/13/2018 The U.S. Dollar Index, DXY, continues to weaken and getting close to our initial target of 90. Currency
Commodities Gold 01/11/2018 Gold has started to move above an important price zone which increases the probabilities for a sizable leg higher towards $1400.  Upside momentum has started to increase as well. Commodities
Technical Tuesday 010918 01/09/2018 Today WTI Crude Oil achieved its initial target of $63. Buy a pause if we were to get one but stay long overall as $67 remains on target.  Technical Tuesday
ALERT! - Energy Short Squeezes 01/07/2018 Attractive Energy long ideas where the shorts have been adding and likely wrong. Alert! US Markets
Technical Tuesday 010218 01/02/2018 We have written about the money flow improvement in Financials, Energy, Consumer Discretionary for some time now and more recently Materials.  We like these areas of the market. Technical Tuesday
Commodities Industrial Metals 12/29/2017 Aluminum looks poised for a very strong move higher from here. Momentum has been building off the 2016 Q1 lows and has accelerated in 2017. Commodities
Non US Markets - Energy Update 12/27/2017 European energy companies have also emerged from very good base patterns and should continue their advances in months to come. In Hong Kong, CNOOC is breaking above a multi-year downtrend and Korea, SK Innovation also looks favorable. In Canada, Suncor is in a great spot to buy. Euro/Asian/Emerging
US Markets - Energy Update 12/22/2017 Crude remains bullish on our work. Continue to add to energy stocks as our proprietary money flow work indicates ongoing accumulation. US Markets
Technical Tuesday 121917 12/19/2017 We review thoughts on Asia and copper which has been slowly moving higher. Technical Tuesday
US Markets - XLY Review 12/18/2017 The absolute trend in the XLY is very good, and we have found a number of stocks within this sector that have excellent trends in place. US Markets
Currency Update 12/13/2017 Both the U.S. Dollar and the Euro have reached their short-term targets and are likely to reverse. Currency
Technical Tuesday 121217 12/12/2017 Both the CAC and DAX continue to have firm trends in place. Technical Tuesday
SMH Review 12/12/2017 Semis continue to work off their recent “spike highs” after hitting the MFU-4 target of $104 on the SMH. US Markets Euro/Asian
Technical Tuesday 120517 12/05/2017 The Nikkei continues to consolidate the recent momentum rally. Long-term target of 24500 remains intact. Technical Tuesday
Energy Update 12/01/2017 The recent pullback in crude held at trendline support.  With price solidly above the one-year base, upside momentum is picking up.  Commodities
SMH Update 11/29/2017 Avoid buying this “pullback”. This may turn out to provide a good buying opportunity in the near-term, but not right now. Alert! US Markets
Technical Tuesday 112817 11/28/2017 The Nikkei remains on target for 24500. The recent momentum peak may put a pause on that call for now.  Gold basing...starting to shine. Technical Tuesday
WTI Update 11/21/2017 Crude oil continues to trade well. Target of $67 is still in play. Commodities
U.S. REIT Review 11/17/2017 REITs have been underperforming.  Ideas for those that need long exposure US Markets
European Consumer Discretionary Sector Update 11/16/2017 Continues to look favorable European Markets
Technical Tuesday 111417 11/14/2017 Intermediate-term target of $67 on Crude remains in play. Technical Tuesday
Risk in High Yield Corp. Bond ETF (HYG) 11/10/2017 HYG near lower end of intermediate-term channel.  $87.50 is key point. US Markets